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Here are some of my sketches of Colby Woodland Garden.  The challenge was how to interpret such a lot of visual information that is the woodland garden. At the time, I was very much influenced by the work of William Crozier, whose paintings hover between representation and abstraction.  His work could also be described as decorative with a “rough and ready” element which I like. Here is a link to his website www.williamcrozier.com

Woodland or woodland gardens have had an enduring fascination for me.  It could be that I used to live near some beautiful woods just outside Basel as a child.  Every autumn we went to the woods in the Alsace to pick black berries. Also, my  grandparents house in England was surrounded by woods.  The mystery of the “hut in the woods” has been a constant image in my mind and an inspiration. It is such a romantic concept.   That is why I have been following the construction of the Plankbridge Shepherd’s hut garden at the Chelsea Flower Show with some interest.  For some beautiful images, have a look at this link: http://www.plankbridge.com

The result of these sketches was a drawing with the intention of developing it into a fabric design.  Here are some sections of the drawing as it is very large.