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It has been a busy time in my studio preparing for the Expat-Expo in Lucerne. However, some mornings were spent working on my new autumn collection. For further reference and inspiration I re-visited some of my old paintings inspired by Autumn, particularly golden Autumn evenings.  They bought back memories of many hours sketching on Exmoor and in the Botanical Gardens in Bath.  Here are a few examples:

The cottage on Exmoor overlooked a valley and hill full of trees which were spectacular in Autumn.  This painting is based on the sun setting behind the hill.  The time when day meets night.

The valley on Exmoor looking out of the cottage window.

This is the valley again, looking from the cottage window.  I named this painting “Exmoor Requiem”. There were several reasons for this, I was listening to Verdi’s and Berlioz’s Requiems while working on this painting.  Also, I was pre-occupied with the concept from “darkness to light”.

This is based on sketches done in the Botanical Gardens in Bath.  I was still thinking about the time when day meets night.