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Autumn Flower Design

This could be a painting but I have been working on putting this image into a half drop repeat.  What a fiddle and quite challenging!

I have been thinking quite a lot recently about the boundaries and challenges of where fine art meets design and vice versa.  This has lead me to explore the textiles and paintings of John Piper.  Here is a link to a particularly interesting design of his put into repeat: http://bit.ly/ZOLMmp This is certainly an artist I will research more in future.

I woke up this morning thinking there must be another way of doing repeats.  This lead me to play around a bit with one of my other designs.  Not only did John Piper’s image influence me, but also the way quilts are put together.  As mentioned earlier, I am a great admirer of the quilts of Gees Bend.  Here is a link to the image google page http://bit.ly/120r0wD  This poor African American community in Alabama, creates amazing powerful art quilts out of their old clothes and fabric remnants.

Here is one of my experiments.  Very rough and ready, but I think there are possiblilties for development.

Autumn Quilt Design