My blog entries from now onwards will chronicle my journey of re building my business and thinking about the way I live and furnish my home.

I am beginning to emerge from a difficult time, and have the need run my business, re furbish and live in my home in a new way. My dad died at the end of May after suffering with dementia for nearly eight years.  Dementia is a cruel illness.  This once vibrant, creative and enterprising business man lost his sense of self bit by bit.  I travelled to Switzerland where my parents live many times in order to spend time with him and my mother.  I also got involved with his company and became a board member.  It is a family business and eventually we had to sell it.  It is a cruel irony that the company which my dad built up and devoted most of his life, died the same month the deal was completed, but we had no choice.

However, I am now ready to think of the future again and start designing a new collection. A friend of mine wrote to me in her letter of condolence that after loosing someone close  you have an altered view of the world, things will never be the same again and that is true.  At the same time I am now looking forward to this new journey in my work and home.  I am still involved with re furbishing our house in Bath and have now bought a small seaside cottage in Wales.

I recently found and bought a very interesting book titled “Rethink the way you live.” by Amanda Talbot, former editor of Elle Decoration.  This will be my guiding principle as I do research on this topic, start a new collection and re-build my business.  It will also inform the way I live and furnish my home.

The journey begins now. Rethink the Way you live