AUGUST 16, 2017

Great to have two full working days together this week.  All very productive both on pushing forward on designs for next collection and on the promotional, marketing and social media side of the business which for us creatives is always a bit of a slog.  We remain dedicated and professional on this level, doing our very best to embrace and extend our expertise to both approach the right audiences and connect to others working in a similar area.

Today we had a client from London down to the studio to see products.  She was someone who has a love and appreciation of colour, so our designs rather blew her away.  Our darling little Arts and Crafts chair was snapped up and we are thrilled that it has ‘gone back home’ with Frances to her house  located within the Arts and Crafts district of West London – how lovely is that?

Arts and Crafts Chair

Lots of delicious time working on our new collection ‘Landscape Graffiti’ this week.  Ruth and I have a wealth of material which provides plenty of scope to develop a good selection of innovative designs which have a common link.  All work remains still in progress – but here below is a little taster of a couple we have been working on which we feel are gradually coming together. Our vision, through process,  has begun to emerge and be established and we feel we are achieving new and exciting concepts for the second collection.

Graffiti Moody Chocolate blog


Graffiti Blue Flower Tree blog

Off on a jaunt together to London this weekend which will encompass some research and some ‘jolly time’ visiting the Giacometti and Matisse Exhibitions’  We will let you know how we got on in our next blog.

Any feedback re designs is always welcome and much appreciated.  We look forward to hearing from you.