Melin Tregwynt and News from the Mill by the Sea


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” We are preferring handmade, nostalgic and simple honest designs in our home over a brand name.  We want to respect the long tradition of the object from use to manufacturing but we do sometimes want a contemporary feel.”

From “Rethink the Way you Live” by Amanda Talbot

Last month I had the luxury of spending a wonderfully sunny week with a friend of mine, furnishing our new cottage by the sea.  When I say cottage, it really is a converted Victorian mill.  Here is a photograph to give you a flavour of the building.

I am really thrilled with it.

Mill Cottage

One of the highlights of the week was our visit to a 100 year old woollen mill outside Fishguard called Melin Tregwynt  The mill is housed in a lovely white washed cottage in a secluded valley;  there is also a shop that sells blankets, throws, cushions, furniture and accessories.  Authentic Welsh designs are complemented by newer contemporary patterns. Delicious lunches and cakes are provided in a tea shop next door.  Melin Tregwynt is one of my favourite places and I have visited it on numerous previous occasions.

Melin Tregwynt Woollen Blankets

Melin Tregwynt Woollen Blankets 2

Melin Tregwynt 3 Cushions and BlanketsThe displays in the shop are really seductive.  We spent a long time considering and choosing what to buy for the cottage.  As I also want to use my own designs and products for the cottage, we experimented with putting images of my designs on the fabric.

Melin Tregwynt and Ruth Moser Design 1

Melin Tregwynt and Ruth Moser Design

We decided to base the furnishing of the sitting room on the above colour combination.  Beautiful muted earthy tones combined with my Yellow Blossom design.  I cannot wait to see it come together.  As a starting point, I purchased this chair, photographed in the living room.

Melin Tregwynt Chair

New Beginnings – Rethink the Way you Live

My blog entries from now onwards will chronicle my journey of re building my business and thinking about the way I live and furnish my home.

I am beginning to emerge from a difficult time, and have the need run my business, re furbish and live in my home in a new way. My dad died at the end of May after suffering with dementia for nearly eight years.  Dementia is a cruel illness.  This once vibrant, creative and enterprising business man lost his sense of self bit by bit.  I travelled to Switzerland where my parents live many times in order to spend time with him and my mother.  I also got involved with his company and became a board member.  It is a family business and eventually we had to sell it.  It is a cruel irony that the company which my dad built up and devoted most of his life, died the same month the deal was completed, but we had no choice.

However, I am now ready to think of the future again and start designing a new collection. A friend of mine wrote to me in her letter of condolence that after loosing someone close  you have an altered view of the world, things will never be the same again and that is true.  At the same time I am now looking forward to this new journey in my work and home.  I am still involved with re furbishing our house in Bath and have now bought a small seaside cottage in Wales.

I recently found and bought a very interesting book titled “Rethink the way you live.” by Amanda Talbot, former editor of Elle Decoration.  This will be my guiding principle as I do research on this topic, start a new collection and re-build my business.  It will also inform the way I live and furnish my home.

The journey begins now. Rethink the Way you live

Decor Fest Preparation


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This week I have been busy preparing my stand and ordering products for the Decor Cafe show on 23rd March in Wimbledon.

Decorfest Poster

After this wet and grim winter, I am planning to make my stand look as fresh and spring like as possible.  I will be re visiting my Spring / Summer Meadow Collection.

Here is an initial idea for the back wall, simple and striking.

Stand Design Decorcafe YellowI will also be showing a foot stool entirely produced by the Woodworks in Bath.

I am really excited about this show and am enjoying planning the stand.  I really want to give people a good idea how they can freshen up a room, ready for spring.

A Day in the Studio – Colour Visualisations


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Hotel Rebstock ExteriorJust before Christmas I spent a couple of days at the Hotel Hofgarten in Lucerne Its sister hotel Hotel Rebstock has some wonderful old wooden interiors which remind me of the old chalets my parents used to rent in the mountains when I was a child.  Here are a few images to give you an idea.Rebstock for WordPress 1Rebstock InteriorRebstock for WordPress 3Unfortunately, I could not get into all the rooms I wanted to photograph, because they were occupied by guests.  However to give you an idea of what I had in mind here are a few “before” and “after” images.


Rebstock for Visuals BeforeAfter:

Rebstock for Visuals afterBefore:

Rebstock Visuals Before 2After:

Rebstock Visuals After 2What do you think?

Another exciting development is that the Woodworks Film with introduction by Ken Loach is now finally live on you tube.  Here is the link:  Very moving stories of redemption.

News from the Studio


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It has been rather quiet on the blogging front, but there has been plenty of activity behind the scenes.

My Autumn Collection is complete, there are just a few adjustments to be made.  My first task will be to cover this wonderful restored and upholstered chair.

Restored and re-upholstered chair

I bought it from the Woodworks which is a successful furniture workshop project for the benefit of those with mental health issues, those recovering from a history of addiction to drugs or alcohol and for people who are recovering from a major life trauma, such as a road traffic accident or stroke.

Recently there has been great excitement at the workshop.  The reason for this was the making of a promotional film, professionally put together by students of Bath City College with an introduction by film maker Ken Loach.  It is hugely moving listening to people’s stories about their journey to recovery. Watch this space for a link to the film very soon.

It is a realy privilege to be involved with this project.  Each piece of furniture has a story to tell.  Here is an example of a dining chair covered with my “Giant Rose” fabric.

Giant Rose Chair

Finally, I am pleased to report that I have secured my first licensing contract for iPad, Kindles and iPhone cases with the American Company Solid Line Products.   I love the way these cases are printed and produced.  Akin to a hardback cover, they use traditional book binding techniques to make the Keka cases.  Using eco-friendly inks, they start by printing the designs onto the same type of vinyl used on race cars.  They then add a cast overlaminate to make the case resist water, stains and tears.  The vinyl is then take the vinyl and wrapped around recycled book boards.  Here is the link:

A truly unique and personal cover for your gadget.

A Day in the Studio 2

Autumn Mist, Trees and Quilt Design

This is the final repeat for my Autumn Collection.  I have combined a quilt design, Dalia, autumn colours and mist all into one design.  I cannot wait to see the fabric samples and have chairs covered with the new designs.  As always the chairs will be re-upholstered and up-cycled at the Woodworks in Bath.

I hope I shall have the time to play around with the designs and experiment a bit more. It has been really interesting to take sections of the designs and enlarge them, showing the painterly marks and textures.  Here are a few examples:

Autumn Design Section 1 for Blog

Autumn Section 3

Autumn Design Section 2 for Blog

A Day in the Studio


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Autumn Flower Design

This could be a painting but I have been working on putting this image into a half drop repeat.  What a fiddle and quite challenging!

I have been thinking quite a lot recently about the boundaries and challenges of where fine art meets design and vice versa.  This has lead me to explore the textiles and paintings of John Piper.  Here is a link to a particularly interesting design of his put into repeat: This is certainly an artist I will research more in future.

I woke up this morning thinking there must be another way of doing repeats.  This lead me to play around a bit with one of my other designs.  Not only did John Piper’s image influence me, but also the way quilts are put together.  As mentioned earlier, I am a great admirer of the quilts of Gees Bend.  Here is a link to the image google page  This poor African American community in Alabama, creates amazing powerful art quilts out of their old clothes and fabric remnants.

Here is one of my experiments.  Very rough and ready, but I think there are possiblilties for development.

Autumn Quilt Design

Mood Boards


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I would not consider starting to design a collection before constructing a few mood boards.  They are an invaluable resource while designing.

For my new Autumn Collection the key inspirations are:

  • Autumn fog combined with colourful autumn leaves
  • Warm wooden interiors with an open fire
  • The structure and stitching of the quilts of Gees Bend
  • The paintings of William Crozier, Wolf Kahn, Emil Nolde and Judith Cain

Mood board 1 for Blog

Moodboard 2 for blog

Mood Board 3 for Blog

Weekend in Pembrokeshire


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Last weekend, my designer friend Louise and I, booked a cosy cottage outside St. David’s for a well earnt break, away from family and work. It all seems like a dream now, our sunny 10 mile walk along the Pembrokeshire coast last Saturday, especially as the weather here in Bath has been grey and wet all week.  It was quite a treat, after our long hard winter. We were delighted with our accommodation as well, booked through the company

Here are a few photos to give you a flavour of our walk:

Wales Walk for Blog 1

Wales Walk for Blog 3

Wales Walk for Blog 2

Who could fail not be uplifted by such a walk.

Autumn Collection Drafts continued


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It has been a frustrating day with a lot of interruptions.  I spent all morning on my Autumn Flower design, only for Photoshop to crash which meant loosing several hours of work. However, I had another go this afternoon and here is the result.  I wanted to add some Autumn florals to my collection and I think this is definitely a design worth refining and putting into repeat.

Autumn Florals

Autumn Florals