Another milestone as Ruth and I have decided to rebrand and create a new website that is solely designated to our collaborative work together.  The decision was made based on feedback from clients who found that having a hybrid site which included both Ruth Moser Designs and Mc Bean and Budd was somewhat confusing and probelematic in making a delineation between collaborative collections and previous collections created solely by Ruth.  We are both very happy to go forward and excited to have the opportunity to create a brand new website and this week have researched possible formats for the new site.

Our aims are to have a really strong branding concept, clear, decisive and easy to use with a strong emphasis on the visual.  Our research led us to the excellent site of photographer Yesten Venema – Product Photographer.  The photographs on her site are quite beautiful and the page layout is simple and very effective.  It ticked a lot of the boxes for us although a very different service/product was being offered.

Kitty McCall

A great deal of discussion took place over home page visual and we were both very smitten and intrigued by Gabi Bolton image. Take a look.

This really set us both thinking, what are the key visuals of our branding – collaborations, nature, landscape, reconnecting to nature, nostalgia, ecology and sustainability.  Both of us had a selection of photographs from our childhood playing in the woods and gardens and captured on camera by doting parents.  We both searched for one that met the brief.  How exciting to find this one of Ruth’s two sisters playing in the treehouse built by their grandfather.  This is the one chose for our homepage using the items of cloth in the photograph superimposed with our own designs . We both feel it is a perfect image to portray what we are all about. It provides and meets the brief as well as providing intrigue and further investigation by the viewer.


Contact has been made with a local website designer and we are looking forward to seeing the mock-up within the next two weeks.

Ruth has been working tirelessly on getting some of the Landscape Graffiti images into repeat and we remain very excited about, what we believe are innovative and very original designs.  Graffiti and its interpretations both by fashion designers and textile designers is very much on trend.  Here is some of the ‘competition’.

Image result for timorous beasties graffiti stripe                        Image result for timorous beasties graffiti stripe

Timorous Beasties – Graffiti Stripe


Image result for graffiti design jane clayton         Image result for graffiti textiles

Jane Clayton, Interior Designer and Arthouse Meath Charity Print Graffiti Cushion Cover

Our designs offer a very different perspective to those already out there in the market.  The design process is one which gradually evolves, different layers are built up with each layer always retaining the marks of the maker.  The overall effect if one of an exquisite painting which retains every detail.

Our aim is to launch our new website together with our second collection in the New Year.  Upwards and onwards.