Yes, lots of research into website design has paid off and Ben our chosen website builder completely understood our brief and has come up with the first draft of our new site. It needs considerable tweaking but we are definitely all reading from the same page. Thanks Ben,  we are on the way.  Although we have a lot of information, both in text and imagery already prepared there still remains much to do.  We are currently arranging a photo session with a professional photographer based in Bath to produce a suitable image of Ruth and I in an appropriate setting, either sitting on a piece of our upcycled furniture, perhaps in The Woodworks workshop /Woodworks shop or alternatively in the landscape.  We will have to glam ourselves up for that one! Below is a friend of Ruth’s posed with her wonderful crow patrol textile designs.

Our aim is to present a simple and very clear and exciting visual website which is easy to navigate both for researching products and for purchasing products.  Revisiting our logo we have decided to make it stronger with more contrast in the colours as it appears a little faded We aim to have direct links to social media such as Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, but meanwhile the  second collection designs need tidying up and putting into repeat.

At present we have two pieces at the workshop currently being upholstered – an Ercol chair which is a  companion piece to the WOW Ercol day bed and a very sweet Edwardian low seated balloon back chair both wearing designs from the Floating Landscapes collection.

There are several pieces of furniture waiting in the background to be brought to life with fabrics from the new collection Landscape Graffiti once it is ready for print.

Currently looking at print cost both for digitally printing on fabrics and for art prints.  Fabrics will be available by the metre, as cushions with art prints available in three sizes, A3, A2 and A1, printed to size so as to go into ready-made frames, thus giving the purchaser the option of bespoke or ready made framing.  In addition we are looking to  produce large scarves/sarongs and will have a couple of samples made up and photographed on a model showing imaginative ways of wearing them, as per the examples below with designs by Charlotte Linton.  Sadly, Charlotte’s products are no longer available.

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Oh what fun.  Christmas card designs.  Having worked together on concepts for the website we had a break away with Ruth on holiday in Switzerland and then Wales.  We both had some ‘homework’, one item of which, was ideas for a Christmas card. Last Friday was the first working day together after Ruth’s return and there was plenty to share.  Ruth expertise on bringing original designs into repeat were looked at and assessed – always so much work to do at this stage, what with tidying up and creating an overall workable and pleasing pattern – we are getting there.

Christmas cards.  Well, therein lies a story.  I suppose it was not too much of a surprise that we came at the challenge from completely different perspectives and starting points.  As individuals we have such different ideas.  I realise that I can be a bit too ‘edgy and experimental’ design wise, a bit too wacky sometimes, which, of course, is great in the right place and totally acceptable for my own personal Christmas cards.  I think Ruth felt the same and her designs reflected her personality.  It was decided that we start afresh, working together to produce a cohesive, professional design that represented our Mc Bean and Budd collections, a Christmas theme that incorporated our inspiration and current designs.  This can then be sent out to previous customers, prospective interested parties and all those who have been involved in the business. It proved to be the best way forward and we worked a whole day on several designs.  Two very strong images evolved which we were both happy with taking forward.  We acknowledge that there will always have to be compromises, but that is sometimes the price one pays when working collaboratively.